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My Promise to You...

I will donate the profits to sponsor more Children.
You will get back on your feet... NO MATTER WHAT!
You will learn to Smile MUCH more.
You will learn how to attract Money & Success.
You will wake up Happier and Healthier.
You will harness positive energy every day.
You will become a people magnet.
You will be cleansed of your Negative Karma.
You will learn the power of Eternal Love.
You will learn how to attract ANYTHING that you desire in your life.
This is not a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme - This is an in depth guide to Happiness & Success.



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(Your donation to sponsor a child will commence after 60 days)


Dear Reader...


Your Destiny has brought you here. Now you have the opportunity to raise your consciousness and live a better and happier life. I can't promise that you will get rich or be cured from cancer after reading my book. What I can promise is that today you have a choice to make a change in some areas of your life. You will become more aware and conscious, about all the decisions you make in your life that are actively affecting you, whether you notice them or not, and then you will know what you need to do to change it.

Most of you probably think you know what this book is going to be about, and many will make assumptions and move on to close this page. This book is far more superior than what you can imagine. Its ability to change the life of the reader is growing on a phenomenal scale. Every single person that has testified, has stated that as soon as they have completed the book, felt as if they were blind, but now they see. People have come to me and told me that they are smiling more often, and feel happier and healthier than ever before. Some who have been facing issues for such long periods of time, have now overcome their problems, and have somehow managed to find a way to move on with their life. As if reading this book casts an abundance spell on the reader or something...

My mission is to put a smile on every single human being living on earth. I believe we are all ONE, and that my brothers and sisters in less fortunate situations need help, no matter who you are or where you are from, your donation here, will fund for the survival and sponsoring of more children living in poverty.

This book was written when I was at a very heightened state of mind. Some may call it Nirvana, others may say that I was channelling from a higher source of power. But I should let you know that this book is very SPECIAL. It has the power to change the life of all who read it, and so far has not let me down. I could not have my book released any earlier than November 11 2011. (11:11:11). ISBN: 978-1-4653-0024-9

I began my journey as a philanthropist about 2 years ago, after I saw how much bread was being thrown away at the bakery. I was absolutely shocked ! Hundreds of perfectly good bread rolls considered garbage...WHAT?
It got me thinking about all the starving children in places like Africa and South America. I immediately made a decision to increase human awareness towards human poverty. I have since then, been sponsoring children and paying for their food, water, education, and clothing. It makes me extremely happy when I receive a letter from them thanking me for all that I am doing for them...

Every act of kindness will be measured to you and poured into your cup of life in circumstances that you will rejoice for. I believe this is our reason for being. This book will help you live a happier and more successful life, and will fund for people that aren't fortunate enough to have clean water, or any source of food.

Love & Happiness Always,



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Here you have everything you need for Abundance and Greatness.
The stairway to Heaven awaits you,
Just make sure you make the right choice.
Be the change that the world needs...



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